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AE Ep 114 – Do AIM Bots Dream of Electric Sheep?

  With the death of AIM and the release of Blade Runner 2049, we talk internet chat history and just what makes humans human on a brand new episode! (more…)

AE113 – The Return

Holy quacamole! We're back for the return, everyone! After a 3 month hiatus, we're back to and as good as ever (which means we're just as good as before, if not worse)! We talk Cuphead, PUBG and just where the hell we've been for the last few months! (more…)

RaM Ep 36: ABC’s of Beth

ABCs of Beth This week we're going back to Beth basics and hitting up some ABC's! This time we have Jared Bauer, a fellow Rick and Morty podcaster, on to help us explore the episode! (more…)

RaM Ep 32: Rest and Ricklaxation

ricklaxation We're at the late midpoint of the season and after some wild times, the gang stops off for some Rest and Ricklaxation! (more…)

Ep 112 – Wonder Woman, Twin Peaks, and some Apes!

This week on the show we talk a smorgasborg (is that how you say it) about upcoming movies; movies like Wonder Woman! (I have this here for SEO purposes) (more…)

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