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  • Animated Web Comic! Squirm in, “The Balloon-ey Bin!”

    My father-in-law created the Angry Beavers… I’ll just get that out of the way. (more…)

  • Let’s talk about TWD S7 premiere…

    img_0221Last night, the season premiere for The Walking Dead aired and picked up right where we left off in season six, with Negan asserting his will on our familiar cast of survivors. Before we go any further with my thoughts from the episode I think I should point out a couple of things…




  • Pot Pie Taste Fest 2016


    I don’t quite recall when it happened. I don’t quite recall when the thought developed inside my brain. What I do remember is my lifelong love of pot pies. (more…)

  • Civil War II: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


    Coming off of San Diego Comic Con, the good folks at Marvel are riding a wave of successful projects. Their movies and TV shows (especially the Netflix shows) are very well received and the upcoming films all look to build on that success. But hey, it’s Marvel! First and foremost this is a comic book company, right? And currently Marvel Comics is smack in the midst of yet another major comic event, Civil War II. Let’s look at how this event is shaking things up in the Marvel universe through the first four core issues.


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