S2E10 – A Most Unusual Camera

Unusual Camera

In a most unusual episode, I’m joined by the hosts of The Twilight Highlight Zone, Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson, to discuss A Most Unusual Camera

Ben and Jeff are both so quick witted; we spent about 10 minutes before recording cracking me up. To check out more of their stuff, you can of course check out The Twilight Highlight Zone. You can also find them talking about the band, AFI, over on A Fire Inside Out. Finally, head over to Game Informer and see what they’re working on over there! 

Otherwise, hit them up on Twitter @yozetti or @gijeff

Show Notes:

Originally aired: December 16th, 1960


  1. Jean Carson as Paula Deitrich
  2. Fred Clark as Chester
  3. Adam Williams as Woodward (2 of 2, was in The Hitch-Hiker)
  4. Marcel Hillaire as the French Waiter (1 of 2, The New Exhibit)

Directed by: John Rich (1 of 2, also A Kind of Stopwatch)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: Chester and Paula Deitrich, two small time crooks, break into an antique shop and steal a bunch of cheap, inexpensive items. However, they also happen to pick up an old camera. The two quickly discover that the camera has the ability to show what happens 5 minutes in the future. After the appearance of Paula’s jailbird brother, Woodward, the three of them decide to use the camera in the most appropriate way: horseracing.

Back in the hotel, loaded with money, they start arguing about what they should do with the camera. Chester and Woodward get into a wrestling match and fling themselves out of a hotel window. Shortly after, a French hotel attendant comes in to take the rob Paula of the rest of her money. Looking at a photo, he notices there are more than two bodies in a freshly taken photo. Nervous, Paula runs to the window and trips, falling to her death. 

Leaning up against the window, the attendant counts the bodies in the picture… 1, 2, 3… 4?! 

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