From start to finish, the Twilight Zone remains one of the most compelling series in television history. In honor of the show, Brandon (of Apathetic Enthusiasm) and a variety of guests, both regular and special, watch the series from start to finish and discuss the characters, themes, and ideas Rod Serling brought to the screen. Submitted for Your Approval, we present to you, a Twilight Zone podcast.

S4YA S2E24 – The Rip Van Winkle Caper – Twilight Zone

Rip van Winkle This week, a friend from over at Wisecrack joins the discussion on capitalism and the volatile gold standard in The Rip Van Winkle Caper! (more…)


S4YA S2E23 – A Hundred Yards Over the Rim – Twilight Zone

Hundred Yards Good friend of the show and podcaster extraordinaire, Matt Hurt, joins the show this week to talk A Hundred Yards Over the Rim! (more…)


S4YA S2E22 – Long Distance Call – Twilight Zone

Long Distance Call After a super long hiatus (and for only a few more episodes!) we're back to talk Long Distance Call with Joan Haley Ford! (more…)


S4YA S2EB – Submitted for Your Break-Proval

Submitted for Your Approval - Twilight Zone Podcast Just a quick message from Brandon about Submitted for Your Approval! (more…)


S4YA S2E21 – The Prime Mover – Twilight Zone

Prime Mover Jamie Gaul stops in this week to talk about friendship, Buddy Ebsen (a pre-Jed Clampett role) and his ability to move us in the season two classic, "The Prime Mover"! (more…)


S4YA S2E20 – Static – Twilight Zone

static More Twilight Zone podcast fun with the host of the That Twilighty Show About that Zone, David Lawler! Join us to discuss "Static"! (more…)


S4YA S2E19 – Mr. Dingle, the Strong

Mr Dingle the Strong On a spectacle filled episode of the show, my good friend Tiffany joins me to discuss social media, empty exhibitionism and more with "Mr. Dingle, the Strong"! (more…)


S4YA S2E18 – The Odyssey of Flight 33 – Twilight Zone

The talented and funny Will Hines joins the show this week to discuss the dry, technical flight jargon filled episode, "The Odyssey of Flight 33"! (more…)


S4YA S2E17 – Twenty-Two – Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone podcast crew series just keeps on kickin'. Craig Beam (of Between Light and Shadow) joins me this week to talk about a dancer flying toward danger in Twenty-Two. (more…)


S4YA S2SE – Special Edition w/ Anthology Pod!!!!

You wanted to hear a new episode of Submitted for Approval this week? Well, I kind of have a special edition for you! Because of circumstances beyond my control, we didn't record any new episode, HOWEVER, sometimes fate steps in and says, "hello, did you need help with anything?" (more…)


S2E16 – A Penny For Your Thoughts – Twilight Zone

A Penny For Your Thoughts Have you ever wanted to read minds? We discuss exactly that this week with the Dick York classic, "A Penny for Your Thoughts"! (more…)


S2E15 – The Invaders – Twilight Zone

The Invaders This week I discuss perhaps one of my all time favorite episodes, The Invaders, with the wonderfully enjoyable Jude Shelton! (more…)


S2E14 – The Whole Truth – Twilight Zone

The Whole Truth The extremely knowledgeable owner of @TheNightGallery Twitter account and owner of Shadow & Substance blog, Paul, helps me out again with selling this episode to you... I'm speaking The Whole Truth. (more…)


S2E13 – Back There – Twilight Zone

Back There

This week I'm joined by another guest from across the pond to discuss a time travel look into American history with "Back There"! (more…)


S2E12 – Dust

Dust A brand new episode with a great moral: look for magic in your heart with Dust! (more…)


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