From start to finish, the Twilight Zone remains one of the most compelling series in television history. In honor of the show, Brandon (of Apathetic Enthusiasm) and a variety of guests, both regular and special, watch the series from start to finish and discuss the characters, themes, and ideas Rod Serling brought to the screen. Submitted for Your Approval, we present to you, a Twilight Zone podcast.

S2E11 – Night of the Meek

Night of the Meek On a very special Twilight Zone Christmas, the super fun and funny Chelsea Cruz stops in the studio to make a little yuletide podcast magic discussing "Night of the Meek"! (more…)


S2E10 – A Most Unusual Camera

Unusual Camera In a most unusual episode, I'm joined by the hosts of The Twilight Highlight Zone, Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson, to discuss A Most Unusual Camera (more…)


S2E9 – The Trouble With Templeton

Trouble with Templeton My co-host and co-creator of Apathetic Enthusiasm, Travis Menard, joins me for a hearty discussion about the past in "The Trouble with Templeton" (more…)


S2E8 – The Lateness of the Hour – Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone   This week, Ben Sledge and I talk about artificial intelligence, sentience, and the obnoxious sounds of an old woman this week in The Lateness of the Hour! (more…)


S2E7 – Nick of Time – Twilight Zone

William Shatner in Nick of Time This week, author Kathryn Ormsbee and I stop by a little Ohio diner to have a date with the bobble-headed devil and a young William Shatner! (more…)


S2E6 – Eye of the Beholder – Twilight Zone

Eye of the Beholder The multi-talented cohost of the Everything's Coming up Podcast, comedian and musician, Allie Goertz joins the show this week to discuss the dangers of conformity. (more…)


S2E5 – The Howling Man – Twilight Zone

ep5-title For this week's show, I’m joined by Dr. Miranda Corcoran, to discuss the gothic horror of The Howling Man! She teaches English at University College Cork where she also teaches American Literature. She’s taught courses on horror, science fiction, and intersections of psychology and literature. All the way from Ireland, thanks to the magic of Skype, welcome to the show Dr. Miranda Corcoran! (more…)


S2E4 – A Thing About Machines – Twilight Zone

ep4-title Fellow Twilight Zone podcast host, Ron Lechler, joins the show this week to figure out "A Thing About Machines". We talk about technophobia, fear of technology, and what this episode is really about: the dangers of misanthropy. (more…)


S2E3 – Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room – Twilight Zone

ep3-title The show welcomes this week a very funny and talented man, Mr. Graham Elwood to discuss "Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room". We explore the conscience, finding the better part of ourselves (or not listening to them) and top it off with insight about the way they filmed certain shots! (more…)


S2E2: The Man in the Bottle – Twilight Zone

ep2-title This week on Submitted For Your Approval, we have one of the elder statesmen of Twilight Zone podcasts, Mr. Tom Elliot! He joins me to discuss "The Man in The Bottle"! (more…)


S2E1: King Nine Will Not Return – Twilight Zone

ep1-title On the season premiere of Submitted for Your Approval, I bring on a super talented guest, Dr. Steve Gronert Ellerhoff, to discuss the Twilight Zone season 2 episode, "King Nine Will Not Return"! (more…)


S1:E37 – Twilight Zone Season 1 Recap

Season 1 recap show to thank the listeners, guests and everyone for their support! Also, a Season 2 preview!


S1:E36 – A World of His Own – Twilight Zone

Fantasy writer, Daniel Johnson, joins to discuss his creative process and characters in writing taking a life of their own.


S1:E35 – The Mighty Casey – Twilight Zone

Brandon's best friend in the whole friend world (BFITWFW), Matt Sizemore, drops in to talk about two of his favorite past times, robots and baseball, with "The Mighty Casey!" Though I'm not a huge fan of baseball, Matt is. And since he's my BFF-F-F'erton, his love of the game makes up for my lack thereof. In addition to his Twitter, you can find Matt Sizemore right here on Geekade as one of our resident Sports writers!


S1:E34 – The After Hours – Twilight Zone

The wonderful Patty stops in again to talk about one of her top 10 Twilight Zone episodes! Among the things we discuss are how creepy department stores are at night, when thimbles were a thing to buy and a brief discussion about the 80's remake!


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