From start to finish, the Twilight Zone remains one of the most compelling series in television history. In honor of the show, Brandon (of Apathetic Enthusiasm) and a variety of guests, both regular and special, watch the series from start to finish and discuss the characters, themes, and ideas Rod Serling brought to the screen. Submitted for Your Approval, we present to you, a Twilight Zone podcast.

S1:E33 – Mr. Bevis – Twilight Zone

My friend (and former boss) Luis Reyes joins me in the studio to talk about one of the lesser liked Twilight Zone episodes in Mr. Bevis!


S1:E32 – A Passage for Trumpet – Twilight Zone

Frequent friend of the show, Paul from the Shadow & Substance blog and @thenightgallery twitter account joins the show again to discuss the Paul Klugman classic about a man and his trumpet!


S1:E31 – The Chaser – Twilight Zone

Writer, filmmaker, and activist David Avallone joins the show this week to discuss "The Chaser". He and I talk about losing your agency, the use of tropes in cinema and more!


S1:E30 – A Stop at Willoughby – Twilight Zone

He's back! My friend, Steve Grohnert Ellerhoff stops back in for another visit to the Twilight Zone. This time he hangs out in a little place called Willoughby. Do we make it out alive? Tune in after the jump!


S1:E29 – Nightmare as a Child – Twilight Zone

Carrie Poppy of the podcast award winning show, Oh No Ross and Carrie comes onto the show to help me discuss the story of a woman who seems to be repressing her memories a bit!


S1:E28 – A Nice Place to Visit – Twilight Zone

Ross, one half of the award winning Oh No, Ross and Carrie! podcast duo, joins me to discuss an episode that is nice, but maybe only to revisit once in awhile! Ross is a complete pleasure to have around and a super nice guy; be sure to check out his podcast on iTunes, or over at Maximum Fun. The show is also on Twitter and Facebook, so head over to subscribe/follow!


S1:E27 – The Big Tall Wish – Twilight Zone

My friend Paul from the amazing The Night Gallery twitter account (@thenightgallery) and wonderful Shadow & Substance blog joins me again, this time to discuss a story of magic, a story of boxing. We're not talking about the Rocky series, of course, we're talking about The Big, Tall Wish!  it's always a great time when Paul comes onto the show. If you get a chance, make sure to head out to his website and his Twitter to read up on some great posts on all things Rod Serling, not just the Twilight Zone!


S1:E26 – Execution – Twilight Zone

The great Matt Hurt, host of the Obsessive Viewer podcast and Anthology podcast, joins me this week to talk about a man out of time... a man at the end of his rope... with no time to spare...  This episode really lends itself to corny jokes.  Sit yourself down behind a sound proof curtain and listen in!


S1:E25 – People Are Alike All Over – Twilight Zone

Patty, owner of the magnificent Twilight Zone Instagram account, joins me again to discuss the great episode featuring a young Roddy McDowall! Are people really alike all over? Was Moccasin right?


S1:E23 – A World of Difference – Twilight Zone

A good friend of the show, Patrick Orr, joins me again to discuss a story of a many who may or may not be who he thinks he is!  As always, thank you all so much for listening!


S1:E22 – The Monsters are Due on Maple Street – Twilight Zone

Matt Raimo joins me again for a visit to one of the most well known episodes of the Twilight Zone for a discussion on mob mentality, the fear of others and 35 year old looking kids.


S1:E21 – Mirror Image – Twilight Zone

Mrs. S4YA comes back to the show this week to discuss the mischievous nature of our mirror selves, changing our names at Starbucks and more!


S1:E20 – Elegy – Twilight Zone

Submitted For Your Approval All-Star Tiffany Hearsey stops in again to discuss acceptance of death, graveyards and space hunks!


S1:E19 – The Purple Testament – Twilight Zone

English PhD Steve Gronert Ellerhoff and I explore The Purple Testament and the importance of war on creative processes.


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