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  • The Day of the Szechuan Sauce

    When Brandon sent me a message saying the szechuan sauce would be available only 20 minutes from my house, I knew it was my duty as a Rick and Morty podcaster (and the only one of the two of us not stuck on an island in the Pacific) to try and get my hands on it. The sauce I speak of is the now infamous szechuan Dipping sauce that Rick obsesses over in the season three premiere of Rick and Morty. Part of a Mulan marketing campaign at McDonalds in the late 90’s, this running gag from one of the biggest episodes in the show’s short history spiraled into an internet obsession. When McDonald’s said they were bringing it back for one day only, just about every fan wanted their chance at a taste.

    This is my story of sauce day 2017.



  • Rick and Morty – Anatomy Park: The Game Preview!!!!

    My first thought when I think about Anatomy Park is how just much I’ve loved theme parks since I was a kid. (more…)

  • Animated Web Comic! Squirm in, “The Balloon-ey Bin!”

    My father-in-law created the Angry Beavers… I’ll just get that out of the way. (more…)

  • Let’s talk about TWD S7 premiere…

    img_0221Last night, the season premiere for The Walking Dead aired and picked up right where we left off in season six, with Negan asserting his will on our familiar cast of survivors. Before we go any further with my thoughts from the episode I think I should point out a couple of things…




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