RaM Ep 43 – Anatomy Park!

anatomy park

It’s time to take a trip into Reuben and to the world of Anatomy Park! Join us for this magical journey!


Semi Pertinent News

  • Pop Funko News
    • Changing this segment to the Semi-Pertinent news brought to you by Pop Funko
  • Porn Star Rick @billyKingXXX
    • Everything I’ve ever dreamed of
  • Dan Harmon tweet minute

Main thang – Anatomy Park

  • S1E3 – “Anatomy Park”
    • Originally aired: December 16, 2013
    • Written by Eric Acosta and Wade Randolph
    • Directed by John Rice
  • Synopsis
    • On Christmas, Rick sends Morty inside the body of a homeless man to save his life (a parody of Fantastic Voyage). Inside the man’s body is a microscopic enclosure called Anatomy Park (a parody of Jurassic Park), which houses various deadly diseases that escape their enclosures. Back at the family home, Jerry’s parents visit, and the family attempts to bond without electronic devices while Jacob, Jacob can bond with just about anyone.
  • Production Notes
    • Art Director James McDermott and Color Lead Jason Boesch backgrounds
  • Reddit Discussion Points:
    • What’s your favorite disease-creature?
    • Everyone except Rick seems oddly hesitant about Pirates of the Pancreas. What do you think contributed to the controversy behind that particular attraction? Why is the pancreas so rapey?
    • Having now met Jerry’s family, how do you think Jerry’s parents contributed to his complexes as an adult?
  • Favorite Bits
    • Travis
      • “Pearl Harbor”
      • All the Jurassic Park Nods (All of them)
      • How adamant Dr. Bloom is about the mascot keeping his mask on – Rob Schrab
      • The way the animators had to draw the stuff that was visible through Dr. bloom
      • Rick makes zero attempt to resuscitate Ruben
      • Bone train bit
    • Brandon
      • “Korea”
      • Hepatitis C
      • Everyone being so chill
      • Christmas Drum
  •  Reddit

Blood Dome Battle League

Baby Legs vs. Dream Centaur

  • Results:
    • @hilesleyann If it was a fist fight; dream centaur would win. But baby legs has a gun and is trained to use it (he is a police man after all). One gun shot and this battle is settled…
    • @notrealjackson Baby Legs is such a good detective. With enough prep time, he’s got this in the bag
    • @Totsm (dominic) Dream Centaur hands out the death sentence for sexual hangups in the pleasure chamber.
      Baby Legs coos when he walks.
      Dream Centaur >>> Baby Legs
  • What happened?
    • It’s a cold dark night in the city, and the streets seem to go on forever.  Baby Legs, was out on those streets, looking for answers.  Looking for justice.  Looking for the man that killed the only partner Baby Legs had ever trusted… And there was no way Baby Legs would rest, no nappie time for him until he found Regular Legs’ killer. The best lead Baby Legs had, took him right into the heart of the city.  Into a den of sin where, if half the rumors were true, it would make even the most promiscuous perpetrator go red in the face. Baby Legs was able to slip into the building via a very short window and once inside, his vision was flooded with every form of sexual obscurity.  The creatures here were unlike any he had ever seen and for a brief moment he knew this had to be a dream.  Baby Legs shouted into the room, “You disgusting pigs! What have you done with Regular Legs!” In that moment, Baby Legs heard the sound of hooves moving behind him followed by a bellowing shout, “SEXUAL HANGUPS IN THE PLEASURE CHAMBER ARE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!!”  Baby Legs tried to spin around but lost his balance, (on account of his baby legs)… it was too late, the dream centaur drove his spear directly into Detective Baby Legs.
    • 40/60 – Twitter
    • 33/67 – Facebook
  • NEXT UP: Mr. Meeseeks vs Fart

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