Game of Thrones Fantasy League – Week 10

This week Brandon reviews Ep 9 of Game of Thrones S6 and recaps the points for our Game of Thrones fantasy league. See the leaderboard after the break.

JOHN WINS!!!!!!!!! This fn’ guy… great news though, Rob (Shame) came back from LAST to second… amazing finish!

My Team was Better in the Books (John Coffelt) – 1139

shame (Bob S) – 690

The Long-Haired Bearded Dudes (Kris Randazzo) – 625

The Twilight Thrones (Brandon) – 410

Crows Before Hoes (Lauren Smith) – 311

Braavos Pennypinchers (Travis) – 223

For a full breakdown of how this week was officially scored, head over to The Verge where they did all the hard work scoring the show! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to head over to our YouTube channel so you can subscribe and see all of our new videos as soon as they are released!