Animated Web Comic! Squirm in, “The Balloon-ey Bin!”

My father-in-law created the Angry Beavers… I’ll just get that out of the way.

Squirm? The hell?

I started drawing Squirm back in 9th or 10th grade. He was just a character that was easy to draw and something I could put everywhere. For the last 20 years, that’s exactly what I’ve done. If I was bored in a meeting, I’d put him in a comic. If there was a clean whiteboard, I’d draw him on there. Squirm, at this point, is recognizable to anyone I’ve worked with, whether they know it was mine or not.

Mitch (father-in-law) told me I should animate Squirm because Squirm is a good character. Mitch wants me to take a chance and put Squirm on more stuff (cartoons, t-shirts, etc). He, of course, was the second person to tell me this: my wife Chelsea has been telling me to make a Squirm webcomic for years.

This short cartoon is my way of saying, “ok, let’s see how it goes”

The second character here is called Octopie and was my attempt to make new characters. Octopie is a response to my joke, “whatdya call an 8-legged sea creature wrapped in a graham crackery crust? An Octo-Pie”

If you have any comments or thoughts about the cartoon, let me know. I threw it together in a few hours in between gymnastics and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2!