Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley at AHCC 2016

It’s here! Our first set of interviews from Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2016! In this video we talk to comic artists Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley. Check out the jump for more info!

Jason is working on a book called Trees and Ryan Ottley has worked for quite a while on the Invincible comic series.  Both have worked on the crazy concept of Grizzly Shark and Sea Bear.  Brandon has fallen in love with the idea of a shark that attacks people in the forest and finds out how the idea started. For more on each artist check out their work on the sites below, and pick up the epic battle between Grizzly Shark and Sea Bear on comic shop shelves now!

Jason Howard: http://www.jasonhowardart.com/

Ryan Ottley: http://www.ryanottley.com/

Amazing Comic Con: https://twitter.com/AmazingComicCon