Rick and Morty Figurine Unboxing!

Unboxing video, you say? Rick and Morty lover, says you? Well, here we go!

Rick and Morty Figurine Unboxing

When the idea came in to do an unboxing video (shoutout to @Ashleymusovic!), I thought to myself, “Sure, yeah, how hard can that be?”

Realistically, it’s not that hard. It’s just time consuming as all hell and requires planning and equipment that aren’t readily available to me.

If you enjoyed some things of the video and some other things, not so much, that’s awesome! Let me know what they are so I can work harder next time, haha. I need to know, because if you want another AWESOME sneak preview, then I want to give you something a little better! (Just a little better, let’s not get selfish)

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