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If you love Rick and Morty, great news, we do too! Have a listen to Interdimensional RSS; THE podcast dedicated to talking about this superb series!

Interdimensional RSS Ep 30 – Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

doomnomitron Doomnomitron is here and he's mad! If you want to hear more about this badass new Rick and Morty villain, stop in and listen to Brandon and Travis! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 29 – S3E3 Pickle Rick!

Pickle Rick It's time for Episode 3!!! Pickle Rick! Was it worth it? Is it everything we've dreamed of for the past year? Have a listen to find out! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 28 – S3E2 Rickmancing the Stone

Rickmancing the Stone Well, well, well! Look who's back!? It's Rick and Morty in some Rickmancing the Stone action! We're here to talk to the episode and let you know what we thought!!!! Check out our show notes below! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 27 – SDCC: Com-Rick Con!

SDCC That's right! The pop-culture extravaganza, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) rears its head again! You know damned right that Rick and Morty is part of this party, and we're THERE to cover it (there meaning our living room's like losers) (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 26 – Dir-Rick-ting Animation w/ Bryan Newton

Bryan newton When you think of movies and television, you think of the creators behind a piece of media. The really cool thing about creation is its collaborative nature! This week, Brandon talks to a director in animation, Bryan Newton! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 25 – RAM Movie Reference Madness!

Movie Reference Madness With just a few more weeks to go, we decide it's best to talk about all the movie references that pervade Rick and Morty! It's Movie Reference Madness! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 24: Post-Live Stream Wrap-up

post-live stream What's better than a Live Stream of Rick and Morty with the creators?! Well, probably not our Post-live Stream Wrap-up conversation... but we try (and isn't that all anyone can do?) (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 23 – *Official* RAM Live Stream News!

Image from
We're back from a short and unwelcome hiatus! This week we talk the Rick and Morty Live Stream event that's sweeping the nation (for one night, this Thursday, June 29)! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 22 – Quick Mysteries: Rick and Morty ARG

Rick and Morty Quick Mysteries This week we discuss the subreddit, Szechuan Seeking craze in one of this show's first quick mysteries or lil' bits! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 21 – Waxing Philosophical: The Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Dan Harmon waxed philosophical recently about Rick and Morty and the meaning of life. We thought it was in our best interest to discuss our views as well! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 20 – Lawnmower Dog Rewatch

Lawnmower Dog Don't even trip, dogs! We're taking a re-look at the multi-level dream schemes of Lawnmower Dog! We break it down to the max, till we hit episode bedrock. (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 19 – Villains of C-137

Villains Much can be said about what makes a villain so villainous! What makes someone in the Rick and Morty universe an antagonist? We talk this and more on this week's episode! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 18 – Happy Mother’s Day, Beth Smith!

Beth Smith We record on Sunday and today is Mother's Day! Therefore we have to talk about the matriarch of the family, Beth Smith! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 17 – Sad Dance Songs w/ Allie Goertz!

Image by Johnny "Johnny2thumbs" Comeau
We're proud to bring you our very first GUEST-ISODE featuring the amazing Allie Goertz! Allie is the artist behind the Rick and Morty concept album, Sad Dance Songs, and we couldn't be happier to have her as a guest! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 16 – Rick and Morty Pilot Rewatch

Rick and Morty Pilot This week, we're tearing up the pilot episode of Rick and Morty! We're trying something new and watching it/commenting at the same time. So if it sucks (we're not saying it doesn't), please let us know what worked and what didn't! But, as always, thanks for listening! (more…)


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