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If you love Rick and Morty, great news, we do too! Have a listen to Interdimensional RSS; THE podcast dedicated to talking about this superb series!

Interdimensional RSS Ep 22 – Quick Mysteries: Rick and Morty ARG

Rick and Morty Quick Mysteries
This week we discuss the subreddit, Szechuan Seeking craze in one of this show's first quick mysteries or lil' bits! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 21 – Waxing Philosophical: The Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Dan Harmon waxed philosophical recently about Rick and Morty and the meaning of life. We thought it was in our best interest to discuss our views as well! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 20 – Lawnmower Dog Rewatch

Lawnmower Dog
Don't even trip, dogs! We're taking a re-look at the multi-level dream schemes of Lawnmower Dog! We break it down to the max, till we hit episode bedrock. (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 19 – Villains of C-137

Much can be said about what makes a villain so villainous! What makes someone in the Rick and Morty universe an antagonist? We talk this and more on this week's episode! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 18 – Happy Mother’s Day, Beth Smith!

Beth Smith
We record on Sunday and today is Mother's Day! Therefore we have to talk about the matriarch of the family, Beth Smith! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 17 – Sad Dance Songs w/ Allie Goertz!

Image by Johnny "Johnny2thumbs" Comeau
We're proud to bring you our very first GUEST-ISODE featuring the amazing Allie Goertz! Allie is the artist behind the Rick and Morty concept album, Sad Dance Songs, and we couldn't be happier to have her as a guest! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 16 – Rick and Morty Pilot Rewatch

Rick and Morty Pilot
This week, we're tearing up the pilot episode of Rick and Morty! We're trying something new and watching it/commenting at the same time. So if it sucks (we're not saying it doesn't), please let us know what worked and what didn't! But, as always, thanks for listening! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 15 – Ricktendo Mortytainment System

The good news is: Virtual Rick-ality is here! The bad news? Neither of us have actually played it! But you can bet your bottom dollar that won't stop us from talking about it! We also talk about our ideal Ricktendo games! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 14 – Morty Madness!

One True Morty
Who is the One True Morty? Is the One True Morty even a real thing? We explore the concept this week and pick our Multi-Morty Dream Team! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 13 – Theorycrafting in the Rickstaverse

Rick and Morty Season 3
The premiere of season 3 is still fresh on everyone's mind... ours included! So this week we talk MORE about Season 3 and some of the theorycrafting we've read from the fans! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 12: SEASON 3 IS HERE!

Rick and Morty Season 3
Holy shit, season 3 is here! Well, the season premiere of season 3, anyway! Again, THE PREMIERE OF SEASON 3 OF RICK AND MORTY IS HERE! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 11 – Summer time (yeah the living’s easy)

Summer Smith
This week we talk about everyone's favorite older sister, Summer Smith! We take a look at what makes Summer tick in this world of Rick and Morty! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 10 – All Across the Rickstaverse

Interdimensional RSS Rickstaverse
On a new episode of the show, we're covering the Instagram Rickstaverse of Rick and Morty! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 9 – Interdimensional TV Face-Off

Interdimensional RSS
It's a battle for the ages! Which episode featuring everyone's favorite Interdimensional TV is the better of the two? We talk about that and more this week! (more…)


Interdimensional RSS Ep 8 – Invasion of the Body Squanchers

This week, we take a look at one of the biggest influences in Rick's life. Let's all come together and talk about Unity! (more…)


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