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If you love Rick and Morty, great news, we do too! Have a listen to Interdimensional RSS; THE podcast dedicated to talking about this superb series!

RaM Ep 40 – Interdimensional Come Back!

Come back Baby, come back! We're back from our self-imposed break (with a road trip under one of our belts!) with the biggest come back of the year! What have we been up to? What has RAM been up to?! Let's talk! (more…)


RaM Ep 39 – Interdimensional Break!

interdimensional The time is nigh! We get ready to go on a month or two Interdimensional break while Brandon catches his bearings (and moves to a different state!) (more…)


RaM Ep 38 – Season 3 Recap!

Season 3 The end of Season 3 came and went. Now's the time to talk about the whole thing AND a little bit about #Szechuangate! (more…)


RaM Ep 37 – The Rickchurian Mortydate

Rickchurian Mortydate After a whirlwind season 3, we're here to talk the season finale, The Rickchurian Mortydate! What did we think of the episode? Tune in! (more…)


RaM Ep 36: ABC’s of Beth

ABCs of Beth This week we're going back to Beth basics and hitting up some ABC's! This time we have Jared Bauer, a fellow Rick and Morty podcaster, on to help us explore the episode! (more…)


RaM Ep 35: Morty’s Mind Blowers

Mind Blowers Are you ready to have your mind blown? Join us this week to hear the director of Morty's Mind Blowers, Bryan Newton, wow us with tales untold of all the goings on in this new episode! (more…)


RaM Ep 34: The Ricklantis Mixup

Ricklantis Awwww geeze man... what a crazy episode that was, huh? The Ricklantis Mixup turned out to be Tales from the Citadel and ooohhh boy was it great! So many Ricks, so many Mortys and even the return of Evil Morty?!?! Hurry up and listen to this podcast already! (more…)


RaM Ep 33: Special Interview w/ Ryan Ridley

Ryan Ridley We've had such a good time with this podcast and we're so proud to be able to talk to some of the hard working folks who make the show. We're especially proud to be able to bring to you an interview with Ryan Ridley, writer of 8 episodes, producer of 21 total. He's been there since the beginning and it was great to talk to him! Have a listen and let us know what you think! (more…)


RaM Ep 32: Rest and Ricklaxation

ricklaxation We're at the late midpoint of the season and after some wild times, the gang stops off for some Rest and Ricklaxation! (more…)


RaM Ep 31: The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Whirly Dirly The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy is here and it's a Rick and Jerry adventure! Have a listen to what we thought of the episode! (more…)


RaM Ep 30 – Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

doomnomitron Doomnomitron is here and he's mad! If you want to hear more about this badass new Rick and Morty villain, stop in and listen to Brandon and Travis! (more…)


RaM Ep 29 – S3E3 Pickle Rick!

Pickle Rick It's time for Episode 3!!! Pickle Rick! Was it worth it? Is it everything we've dreamed of for the past year? Have a listen to find out! (more…)


RaM Ep 28 – S3E2 Rickmancing the Stone

Rickmancing the Stone Well, well, well! Look who's back!? It's Rick and Morty in some Rickmancing the Stone action! We're here to talk to the episode and let you know what we thought!!!! Check out our show notes below! (more…)


RaM Ep 27 – SDCC: Com-Rick Con!

SDCC That's right! The pop-culture extravaganza, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) rears its head again! You know damned right that Rick and Morty is part of this party, and we're THERE to cover it (there meaning our living room's like losers) (more…)


RaM Ep 26 – Dir-Rick-ting Animation w/ Bryan Newton

Bryan newton When you think of movies and television, you think of the creators behind a piece of media. The really cool thing about creation is its collaborative nature! This week, Brandon talks to a director in animation, Bryan Newton! (more…)


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