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Ep 112 – Wonder Woman, Twin Peaks, and some Apes!

This week on the show we talk a smorgasborg (is that how you say it) about upcoming movies; movies like Wonder Woman! (I have this here for SEO purposes) (more…)

Ep 111 – E-Sports, Wonder Woman, and E3!

This week we talk a multitude of things (as we're wont to do!). WE talk about Overwatch, the continued rise of E-Sports, what came out of E3 and more! (more…)

Ep 110 – Twin Peaks, Twilight Zone, and Get Out

There's so much going on lately! Between games, movies (and Twin Peaks!), and Net Neutrality falling apart, we've got some discussing to do! (more…)

Ep 109 – VR, Generational Gaming, and American Idol

This week we're talking MORE VR, Lego stuff, video games, and more! Tune in for a cavalcade of random stuff! (like American Idol talk)! (more…)

Ep 108 – MST3K, Vive, Squirm, and more!

MST3K On a very special episode, we talk about the return of MST3K, Travis buying a VR set, Brandon's foray into animation and a short review of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2! (more…)

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