RaM Ep 21 – Waxing Philosophical: The Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Dan Harmon waxed philosophical recently about Rick and Morty and the meaning of life. We thought it was in our best interest to discuss our views as well!

Before we get into the hard and heavy stuff, we talk about some semi-pertinent news that you need to hear to believe!

SHOW NOTES – The Meaning of Life

Semi Pertinent News

The Main Thang – Waxing Philosophical on Rick and Morty

  • Breaking down that Facebook Vid – Shared by CireDark 
    • Dan Harmon talks about “the meaning of life”
    • Creator v Create-e
      • Ricks Creations (Adolph Lincler, Battery Planets, Butter Robot)
      • Thoughts on God (impersonal v personal)
      • “Rick is the seam between god and man”
    • The Life of Jerry
      • Jerry wants to be a good dad, to have money and fame, etc
      • Rick says all that is dumb and meaningless, by trying at it you already fail
      • Is Jerry better off?
        • End of Unity Ep, where Rick is trying to kill himself and Jerry is weed whacking
    • “The Answer is don’t think about it”
      • Harmon – Doesn’t agree with Rick that nothing matters (even if it doesn’t) because that knowledge gets you nowhere
      • Zoom in vs zoom out
        • The experiences and relationships we have can matter
      • Accepting that nothing matters could make all those fleeting moments the meaning of life

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • 109 Subreddit Users! Thanks to everyone!
  • Villain Jerry? @HollyWorldNews
  • Sarah Jay Cake! @Ohheysarahjay tagged us in a pic of an awesome Rick and Morty Cake she made, check it out on Twitter broh


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