RaM Ep 22 – Quick Mysteries: Rick and Morty ARG

Rick and Morty Quick Mysteries

This week we discuss the subreddit, Szechuan Seeking craze in one of this show’s first quick mysteries or lil’ bits!

Also, look, we know what we said last week; something about a break and 4 weeks… but when you’ve got such a compelling story, you can’t wait for some other Rick and Morty podcast to break the case!

SHOW NOTES – Quick Mysteries!

Semi Pertinent News – Little Bits

  • We can’t stay away?
  • All them toysssss broh!
    • Should Brandon open them up? Head to @RickandMortyPod on Twitter to vote in the poll. He’s co-dependent and needs you to tell him how to live his life.

Main thang

  • A Video popped up recently in r/RickandMorty with a comic, a Shoney’s menu, Szechuan packet and more… see the video here!
  • Is there an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) going on?
  • Elastical_gomez posted that it’s not officially affiliated with the show
  • Just a fan project where they are selling the sauce and donating to charity?
  • Though it’s officially unofficial, is there a chance that it’s somehow unofficially official?
    • Is 7/1/17 the fer real release date?

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • Tweets –
    • Big ups to Chuck who, even though he refers to himself as the “Jerry Sandusky” of RaM podcasts, still says that this show is easily the best!
    • Ryan wants to start a UHF podcast with us… or at least Brandon
  • Reviews
    • loveWookie mentions how the podcast is filling in gaps as they catch up in episodes
    • KyleBl says “meh” but still gives 5 stars so… thanks?


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