RaM Ep 29 – S3E3 Pickle Rick!

Pickle Rick

It’s time for Episode 3!!! Pickle Rick! Was it worth it? Is it everything we’ve dreamed of for the past year? Have a listen to find out!

SHOW NOTES – Pickle Rick


Semi Pertinent News – Little Bits

  • SauceNews 2017 – Sauce for Sale
  • Real Big Story – Ryan Elder

Main thing –

  • Pickle Rick – Ep 303
    • Cast/Credits
      • Danny trejo – Jaguar
      • Peter Serafinowicz -Head of the Embassy
      • Susan Sarandon – Dr Wong, Family Counseling and Coprophagia Recovery
    • Plot Synopsis
      • A – Rick is a pickle, and gets into a … pickle
        • His elaborate system for harvesting roach and rat parts
          • The violence/action
        • Solenia
      • B – Family Counseling with Dr. Wong
        • Continues to deal with the Smith family fallout after the divorce
        • Summer huffs enamel and Morty wet his desk
        • Loads of exposition
    • Favorite Bits
      • The extremely elaborate rat suit update machine
      • Eating poop
    • Unity Thoughts

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

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  • Emails
    • Jamie Gross: The Quote Challenge
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  • Questions from Reddit
    • Mikołaj Perzyna (Mee-ko-why Pe-gy-na)
      • Bojack Horseman Crossover?
    • Devindavis386
      • How do we watch the show?
  • Reviews
    • TerryWolf77 – “I squanch to every episode”
    • Simon J Arias – “Feels like sitting and chatting with pals about the show”
    • Rms16270 – “The morning commute has vastly improved since I started listening to these pee pee heads. Keep up the good work, losers!  Signed -Abe Lincoln


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