RaM Ep 28 – S3E2 Rickmancing the Stone

Rickmancing the Stone

Well, well, well! Look who’s back!? It’s Rick and Morty in some Rickmancing the Stone action! We’re here to talk to the episode and let you know what we thought!!!! Check out our show notes below!

SHOW NOTES – S3E2 Rickmancing the Stone

Semi Pertinent News – Little Bits

  • The Sauce
  • Comic Con Live Read
  • Rickling Morty (every week)
  • Lol, top 100 in iTunes or Apply Podcasts, lol!

Main thing –

  • Rickmancing the Stone
    • Overall Story
      • The Smith family finds some interesting ways to process Beth and Jerry’s divorce
      • Mad Max world where they join some cannibals to get a green rock
      • Not a typical A-plot/B-plot balance
    • Favorite Bits
      • Loser in the wind
      • 4th wall break to cut to commercial
      • Robot Summer and Morty
    • Talk about Summer being a BA
    • What was up with the setting/timeline in this episode?

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

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    • Holy shit, we have so many people in our Facebook now, holy shit! HOLY SHIIIIT
  • Questions
    • CireDark – It comes out that the reason Rick is hopping dimensions and constantly depressed is because he’s on an unending search for his dead wife. However, the reason she doesn’t exist in any other dimension is his fault. Tammy and Phoenixperson are gathering all the people that Rick has ever wronged (ever growing list). Abledolph Lincler was at the party where Tammy met Birdperson. Also, Revolio Clockberg Jr (AKA: Gearhead).


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