RaM Ep 27 – SDCC: Com-Rick Con!


That’s right! The pop-culture extravaganza, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) rears its head again! You know damned right that Rick and Morty is part of this party, and we’re THERE to cover it (there meaning our living room’s like losers)

SHOW NOTES – SDCC: Com-Rick Con!

Semi Pertinent News – Little Bits

  • Honolulu Comic Con Script Reading
  • Podcast Awards
  • Interdimensional Cable III – Comic  – Oni Press/Kyle Starks

Main thing – SDCC Rick and Morty Bonanza!

  • Exclusives
    • Pickle Rick
    • Golden God Rick
  • Rick and Morty Panel
    • Schezchuan sauce from mcDonalds
    • Rick and Morty Cosplay (Meeseeks)
  • Petco premiere of Season 3 Ep 2
    • @theDanielWolf – Morty is the strongest there is. #blooddome
    • @OrfitelliYO – it was dope af!
    • @Masinomous – some dude eatin some chick?
  • Also a SEA of Rick masks…

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • Tweets
    • Erik Paulsen sending us those RAM pics doe
  • Email
    • Cat Schneider
      • Hey there 🙂
  • Reddit
    • /r/RickandMorty – Pickle Posts…. WTF


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