RaM Ep 38 – Season 3 Recap!

Season 3

The end of Season 3 came and went. Now’s the time to talk about the whole thing AND a little bit about #Szechuangate!

SHOW NOTES – Season 3 Recap

Semi Pertinent News

  • Is there a secret episode coming?!
  • The Sauce was back (and bungled all to shit)
  • Apathetic Enthusiasm shout-out again
  • Corrections/other stuff

Main Thang – Season Recap

  • Character Recap
    • Morty
    • Jerry
    • Summer
    • Beth
    • Rick
  • Questions
    • What’s changed from the start of season 3 and going into season 4?
    • Top 3 and Bottom 3 episode ranking
    • Our favorite episode of the season
    • Favorite PODCAST episode of the season
    • Our favorite non-season 3 PODCAST episode of the season
    • Terry Flaps! Toldy folds!

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • A bunch of these!!! Everyone from Twitter, Discord, Email, and sending us reviews, we appreciate everything you’ve done and said and we can’t wait to spend more time with you during the inevitably long wait!


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