RaM Ep 36: ABC’s of Beth

ABCs of Beth

This week we’re going back to Beth basics and hitting up some ABC’s! This time we have Jared Bauer, a fellow Rick and Morty podcaster, on to help us explore the episode!

SHOW NOTES – ABC’s of Beth

Semi Pertinent News

  • Entertainment Weekly – Rick and Morty co-creator slams trolls attacking their female writers
    • These knobs, that want to protect the content they think they own — and somehow combine that with their need to be proud of something they have, which is often only their race or gender. It’s offensive to me as someone who was born male and white, and still works way harder than them, that there’s some white male [fan out there] trying to further some creepy agenda by ‘protecting’ my work.
    • It is still shocking to me that people think there is a single person responsible for writing these shows.  There is clearly a team a work and each episode goes through tons of revisions.
    • Bottom line, if you think the show is good at all, you should support the creators of the show. ALL OF THEM. Stop being a jerk
  • Corrections/other stuff
    • Take things for Granite
    • Sat Five

Main thang – ABC’s of Beth

  • Ep 309 – The ABCs of Beth
    • Written by Mike McMahan, Directed by Juan Meza-Leon
  • Synopsis –
    • Summer and Morty spend their custody weekend with Jerry where they meet his new girlfriend, a krutabulon warrior named Kiara.  With the kids out of the house, Beth and Rick revisit Froopyland, the childhood realm Rick designed for lil Beth.  We discover that one of Beth’s childhood friends, Tommy, was trapped in Froopyland and Beth must bring him back to the “real world” to prevent Tommy’s dad’s execution.  We learn a whole lot about how Beth was as a child and explore further her relationship with Rick.
  • The Jerry story
    • We finally see one of the parents attempt dating after the break up
    • The spin with the alien, phase shifting huntress was a great touch
    • Jerry deals with some of his own issues here and it’s made clear that he hasn’t moved on and is still in love with Beth.
    • Is there hope for reconciliation between Jerry and Beth? Is that something we want to see?
  • The Beth story
    • We learn a lot about Beth in this episode. I feel like this is the best look into Rick and Beth’s history prior to Rick taking off.
    • Beth was not a sweet kid.  #sociopath
    • There are many instances where we see just how much Beth really is like Rick
      • “I’m sorry you think you deserve an apology.”
      • When she goes all hack and slash and says, “I’m like my dad!”
    • The question has always been raised about whether Beth has been inhibited from living up to her potential due to her teen pregnancy.
    • Do you think Beth stayed or did she accept the clone?
  • Favorite Bits
    • Bubble Gun
    • Charmed that life finds a way
    • The Tommy back story play
    • The laundry list of things Rick made for Beth
    • Doodoo Butt song
    • Just got handed an Ex Machina
    • The time travel line
    • Don’t jump a gift shark in the mouth
    • My generation gets traumatized for breakfast – @goran93

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • Patreon!
    • Big thanks to all the new Patrons including: Toni and Joachim Van Renterghem
  • Tweets
    • @DADICUS is working on a crazy, multi-page fan art drawing for S3!
    • @ChuckPunch wants credit for saying that Evil Morty won’t be back this season… BUT WE WONT GIVE HIM THE SATISFACTION
    • @Stevenht3 – Favorite Episode? Mine is Auto Erotic Assimilation
      • Travis – The Rickshank Rickdemption
      • Brandon – The Ricklantis Mixup/Lawnmower Dog
    • @Freshbutnoteasy – in some timeline you ARE the official rick and morty podcast. Think about it.
    • People love them toy guns…
    • @BrettC137 – If there are infinite Galactic Governments and Citadels, did Rick’s actions in S3 Ep1 accomplish anything? Wouldn’t the GG still be after him in every other dimension? And didn’t one of the Candidate Ricks say “This is the best Citadel in the Multiverse”? I can see Rick choosing to hide in one dimension, but at the same time… it makes no sense.
    • @cassieeatbrains – Room 237 shining documentary… not about someone killing themselves
  • Email
    • Nada!
  • Reviews
    • GUYS STOP COMPLAINING – Great to listen to after each new episode! Sad I missed the 50th review!
    • Unlmtdplz – I was raised by a cup of coffee!  (I’m super behind on these episodes, but I appreciate you guys and wanted a shortcut too)
    • Goraan17 – Grass… tastes bad!  Hey guys, loving the podcast! I’m not caught up, but I’m binging! Keep up the great work! (found us through the squanch!)
      • Finds it interesting how much smarter Morty has been getting (disarm nutrino bomb, fix growth/shrink machine)


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