RaM Ep 39 – Interdimensional Break!


The time is nigh! We get ready to go on a month or two Interdimensional break while Brandon catches his bearings (and moves to a different state!)

SHOW NOTES – Interdimensional Break

Semi Pertinent News

  • Omaze Fundraiser
  • Justin, Dan and Mike all met Elon Musk

Featured Artist!

Sent to us by Grant Ramos on Twitter: https://youtu.be/0TBht1kVYwI

The Delicious Taste of Ice Cream – By tiarawhy

Snagged the audio from Virtual Rickality

Main thang – Interdimensional Break

  • We are taking a break
    • Brandon is moving
    • Going to definitely record something while you are in town
    • Another Live Stream is happening
  • Questions
    • Time Travel in Rick and Morty (why it shouldn’t be a thing)
    • Poopybutthole a grown up meeseeks… what??!

Listener Suggortions and Short Outs

  • Tweets
    • @TotsSM Is it possible the Mr. Meeseeks that was order to kill another Mr. Meeseeks is still suffering the pain of existence?
    • @Meyselph
      • Yeah the second you tease meaning and continuity you kinda have to accept responsibility for it imo. Doesn’t mean they have to make……every episode tales from the citadel but they should probably lay off stuff like casually suggesting extra unexplained universe jumps….
  • Email
    • Tyler Tigno
  • Reviews
    • Shwifty Nick – 100 seasons, sauce interviews
    • JacobEL94 – 2 stars, Bad Jokes, not what I was looking for.
    • Arstrig – Best Rick and Morty Podcast – At least 6 standard deviations off the finite curve or Rick and Morty Podcasts



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